Poll: The new Israeli government’s anti-Semitism fears have ‘become so acute’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday said he wants to see “zero tolerance” for anti-Semitic views in his country.

Netanyahu’s remarks came after his cabinet announced on Sunday that they would ban the use of “any and all forms of anti-Semetic language” in public and in private, and “immediately” remove the country’s Jewish identity card, which would require a photo identification card.

The announcement followed a meeting between the cabinet, which also included Finance Minister Naftali Bennett, and the chief rabbinate, which is tasked with policing anti-Jewish sentiment.

Netanyahus’ new anti-anti-Semitism laws are part of an effort by the government to combat an increase in anti-Israel sentiment.

A new poll shows that almost half of Israelis oppose a ban on the cards, and that 67% of them believe that such legislation would “undermine the countrys unity.”

The cabinet decision to ban the cards was a “complete overreach,” Bennett told the Walla news agency.

Netayim Bennett and Bennett are seen as a powerful ally in Netanyahu’s governing coalition.

The two have clashed publicly over the last several months over how to handle the rising anti-Israeli sentiment in Israel.

Netahayim was among several cabinet ministers who voted against a bill that would have required a photo ID to vote in municipal elections, which were held last month.

Netanayim said that he did not oppose the move to ban such cards, but that it “would be an overreach” that would lead to the elimination of the country.

“It would be an extreme step.

It is against the spirit of the law, it is against our values, and it is not what we stand for,” Netanayin said.

Bennett, who has long called for a ban, also said he did think that the decision was “too much.”

“I don’t think we should allow a change to this law that will weaken the country and make us less united,” he said.

Netanya Bennett, the daughter of the Israeli prime minister, is a member of the ultra-Orthodox faction that is leading a push to push ahead with the legislation.

Netawit Bennett, a member and former head of the National Union of Israeli Citizens, is the leader of the Zionist Union, an influential religious party that has also opposed the ban.

Netatayim has vowed to fight the ban, saying it will “bring shame” on Israel and undermine the country “in the eyes of the world.”

Netanyal said the decision to impose the ban was not in line with the country ‘s values and will be a “sad day” for Israel.

“This is not the way the people of Israel will live.

We must stop this,” she said.

“This decision is not in the best interest of the nation, and Israel is in a desperate state.”