4.5 star burger king burger survey

The survey found a significant number of customers are not happy with the burger chain’s current burger offerings.

The survey found that of those surveyed, 53% of respondents said they are “disappointed” with the brand’s current offerings.

Another 29% said they would prefer a different burger brand to Burger King.

In the survey, customers were asked to choose between three options: The brand’s burger lineup, the current menu, and a new menu that will feature “fresh ingredients and ingredients with a higher protein count and/or lower fat and salt content.”

The new menu will debut on May 6, 2018.

The new menu also features an expanded menu of items including the Burger King Bacon Mac and Cheese and the Burger Queen Sausage Roll.

Burger King also released its latest quarterly financial results last week, revealing that revenues increased 7% year over year to $8.7 billion.

However, that’s not enough to satisfy investors, who are demanding the chain invest in its food-focused business.