What you need to know about a report that will cost you $1 million to make, and how it was made

The government has launched a $1.6 million survey that will assess employee survey questions and assess the cost of the land survey it commissioned to assess the quality of its land, including a new landfill.

The government announced the survey, which will cost about $150,000, in a letter to the Senate’s agriculture committee on Thursday.

The report, released in March, said the survey found the government’s proposed landfill was more expensive than expected, and a new plan was needed to address the cost.

The land survey was conducted in 2016 by the NSW Bureau of Meteorology and the Department of Environment and Heritage.

The NSW Bureau also conducted a survey in 2016 that showed the landfill cost $4.9 million, which it said was less than the $7 million cost of a survey of the site.

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