‘Worms’ 2nd season, the ‘War of Worlds’ trilogy coming to Netflix October 13, 2018

This week’s cover story is on a worm-like virus called The War of Worlds, which was first published in the UK on February 12, 2018.

The story follows a group of researchers in the English countryside trying to solve a mysterious disease, which they believe originated from a mysterious island.

The plot has a strong science element that ties in nicely with the other two Worms series, which are both based on the novels by Michael Moorcock.

In The War, the researchers are tasked with discovering what caused the disease and discovering the source of the infection.

They’re tasked with taking a sample of the island’s soil and making an antidote, and are able to do so after the outbreak has ended.

In this first season, however, they have no idea what the virus is, and they don’t have the right tools to make the antidote.

They discover it is a genetic weapon that is capable of destroying the human body.

In this second season, we see the outbreak in full force, with a virus that infects the entire human population.

The outbreak starts in a hospital and spreads to the whole town.

In the course of the second season of The War there is a second wave of the virus spreading through the entire town.

The virus infects humans in the hospital, and the staff and doctors all start to develop the symptoms.

A lot of the staff are in shock and are dying.

It turns out that they were all infected by the second wave.

The team has been tasked with finding the source and destroying the virus, but there’s nothing to be found.

This season ends with the discovery of a mysterious new virus called the War of Shadows, which is causing the outbreak and is responsible for the deaths of many humans.

Netflix is the first streaming service to bring these two franchises together for their first ever movie.

The War of Stars: Season 2 will be available to stream on October 13.

 The War: Season 1 was released in January 2018, and is the second in the series.