US customers are buying their covid vaccines more than ever, survey finds

The US has more people who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus than ever before and the country’s rate of getting vaccinated is now the highest in the world, a new survey shows.

The national vaccination rate has risen from 65 per cent in January to 69 per cent on Wednesday, according to a survey of 2,879 US households by the Consumer Reports Healthcare Quality Assurance Center (CQHQ).

The increase in the US rate of vaccination is more than the global average of 0.7 per cent and comes after a steep rise in coronaviruses over the past few years, according the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The US rate was the highest of all of the 26 countries tracked by CQHq, with the UK the next highest at 68 per cent.

A majority of Americans have been covered by a second dose of the first-line vaccine, which is also being administered to a significant number of adults and children in some states.

The survey also found that the number of Americans who have received a third dose of a second-line coronaviral vaccine, or a booster, has more than doubled in the past year.

While the second-generation vaccines are now administered to almost 40 per cent of Americans, the second dose is only given to a small number of people.

In addition, the number and type of vaccines administered in the United States has been increasing.

A second-dose of the vaccine has been given to 17.6 per cent more Americans than in January, the CDC said.

“We’re seeing more Americans getting vaccinated now than ever.

And they’re buying the second vaccine more than in the beginning,” CQFHC director of research Dr Sarah Ries said.

The US government said on Tuesday that its own analysis showed that the average number of vaccines being administered was less than 2 per cent a year, while the US was the only country that had a rate of vaccine administration that was more than 10 per cent per year.

The government has also said that about a quarter of US adults have received their first dose of vaccines and only about 2.8 per cent had received their second dose.

The CDC said the average age of the population has risen to 63 and the median age of a US household has increased to 47.CQFHQ, a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services, said it was encouraging Americans to consider the safety and effectiveness of the second shots, but that the second shot was still the safest option for most people.

“Vaccine uptake is rising among all age groups and all demographics, including those with health insurance, low income and individuals with pre-existing medical conditions,” Dr Ries wrote.

“As the vaccine becomes available, the US will need to consider all of these factors, including cost and cost-effectiveness, when deciding to take a second shot.”