Why does a man’s hair make him more likely to become a millionaire?

By now you’ve probably noticed a trend: A man’s hairstyle can be a predictor of how much he makes.

And, according to a new study, that’s no accident.

Researchers from the University of Michigan’s Center for the Study of the American Workforce have studied the hair of more than 2,000 Americans and found that the more that a man has long, wavy, curly or straight locks, the more likely he is to become an entrepreneur.

“The way that people have been doing business has changed,” says Andrew P. Hoehn, the study’s lead author.

“You’ve got a bunch of guys with long hair, and they have a different set of skills.”

Hoehn says the study suggests that, for a certain group of men, having a long, straight, curly, or wavy hair can be helpful.

“You might want to invest in a business that’s going to take advantage of your natural hair,” he says.

“I think it’s pretty clear that the people who are the most likely to be successful in business are the ones who have a certain set of features.

They have a long hair.

They’re tall.

They’ve got tattoos.”

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