‘Big Brother’ to be renamed ‘Big House’ in a move that could affect millions of homes nationwide

The Big Brother franchise has had its share of scandals, including the “Porn-a-Thon” episode in which an unsuspecting audience was lured into the home of an abusive family member.

Now the series’ creator has proposed changing the name of his popular houseguests from Big Brother to Big House, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

“We want Big Brother,” he told THR, adding that his idea came from watching the show in high school.

“It’s a name that’s iconic to this generation.”

But he did not name names, and it is unclear if Big Brother’s name would be changed.

The new Big House is set to premiere this fall on Lifetime, the network that has been a major benefactor of the franchise since its debut in 2003.

But the Big House franchise will not be going away anytime soon.

The network is still in the early stages of revamping the series, and Big Brother is expected to be a major part of the new revamp.

The Big House has long been one of the biggest hits of the current season, garnering nearly 4.5 million viewers per episode and making the season finale a major ratings hit.

“Big Brother has always been about loyalty, and the Big Brother house is about loyalty,” executive producer Jeff Probst said during a conference call.

“So it’s important to us that the house have a strong sense of loyalty.”

The Big Houses are not the only one of The Biggest Losers’ popularity that is changing this season.

The show is also receiving a major revamp from writer and executive producer John Wells, who previously worked on “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and “Criminal Minds.”

Wells will return to the franchise to direct and executive produce a new episode of the series that will be set on the fictional Big House.

“What we’re doing with this is, we’re taking the show, and we’re giving it new life,” Wells told THR.

“And we want to take the Biggest House brand and have a different feel to it.”

The reboot will see Wells create a new Big Brother spinoff with a fresh look and new characters.

The original Big House was set in the fictional Los Angeles suburb of Covington, which is now a suburb of Las Vegas.

Wells also wants to expand the franchise beyond just the Big Game competition and give viewers a chance to see the Big Brothers as they actually play the game.

“The Big House and Big Game were both created to be more than just shows, but a way for people to connect with the show,” he said.

“But I think that people are getting really into the game of Big Brother now, and they’re starting to connect to it through the game.”