Trump’s ‘Survey Form’ Reveals The New York City “Culvers Survey” is A Fake

The latest in a series of articles exploring the connections between the President’s “Survey form” and his efforts to shape the narrative surrounding the “culprit” of the New York Times’ investigation into his campaign’s ties to Russia.

The “culvers survey” was a highly-touted, yet largely unaudited, report that was circulated by the Trump campaign.

It is a survey of a variety of people, including a wide variety of Americans who would never be considered part of a “citizen sample.”

The survey asked people if they believed President Trump would be elected to the White House, whether they would vote for him, or if they would support him if he ran for office.

It was also an attempt to “discredit” a series in the New Yorker’s investigative series about Trump’s dealings with Russia.

It does not even attempt to assess the accuracy of the people who responded to the survey.

Instead, the “survey” sought to paint the public as either in favor of President Trump or in opposition.

The fact that it was disseminated on social media was, according to one of the researchers, a mistake.

“If the purpose of this form is to discredit Trump and paint him as a bad person, then I would say that is an oversight,” Peter W. Feinberg, a professor of political science at Johns Hopkins University, told Breitbart News.

Feinburg is an expert on the study, which he called “a disgrace” and an “abomination.”

“It should not have been disseminated, and I think it is not even representative of the general population,” Feinberg said.

“This is not a credible report.

The methodology is flawed.

The questions are not representative.

The wording is wrong.”

The Culvers Survey Form The Culves Survey Form was created to measure public opinion about the president, according the Trump Campaign.

The form was sent to all major newspapers and other media outlets across the country, with the stated goal of finding the “most positive public opinion” for the president.

The report also asked the respondents to provide a list of all their political affiliations, which included the names of their current and former spouses.

The Culvedes Survey Form is actually a questionnaire that asks people to provide information about their political views and their own opinions of President Donald Trump.

It also asks people how they would rate their own personal relationship with President Trump.

“The Culveds Survey Form asks respondents to answer four questions,” according to a copy of the questionnaire sent to Breitbart News by the Culves Research Group, a public relations firm.


Do you think the President is honest?


Do the President and his staff have a good or bad reputation?


Do they respect the Constitution or have it broken?


Do your feelings about the President influence how you vote or who you support for President?”

The Culving Survey Form asked respondents to report their opinions on four topics: (1) President Trump’s handling of the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election, (2) President Donald J. Trump’s role in the Trump Tower meeting with Russian operatives, (3) the current state of the FBI investigation, and (4) the President Donald’s response to the Russian election interference.

“There is no question that this form should be discontinued,” Feinburg said.

Feinstein said that “it is the first time this survey has been used for political purposes in any form” for over a decade.

“As a former law enforcement officer who has served many years in law enforcement, I have been briefed on how important this form can be to a successful and fair investigation.

It should never have been used in any way,” he added.

The survey was designed by Culves, which is part of the American Council on Education.

“We’re really not a political research firm,” said Culves spokesman Michael Smith.

“They are the public relations arm of the Culvedses.”

The questionnaires were created as part of an effort by the campaign to push a message, said Feinberg.

“Trump has been the subject of an ongoing FBI investigation for months.

They wanted to create a public narrative of how the FBI and the FBI’s director were conducting a criminal investigation and not a thorough one,” he said.

The campaign also enlisted a political consulting firm, which has worked for both the Trump and Hillary Clinton campaigns, to develop the “Culprit Survey.”

The consultant, James Bovard, told the New England Journal of Commerce that the campaign worked with Culves to create the Culvers survey.

“Coulvers conducted the Culverts Survey,” he wrote.

“Its purpose is to assess public opinion on the President.

Its purpose is also to determine which candidates and which political organizations have a positive or negative public image, according it’s questionnaire, ‘Culves Survey,'” Bovart told the Journal.

“It does not question the accuracy or validity