How to Choose the Best Instacart for Your Budget

Instacard is the latest to announce it will be discontinuing its subscription service, leaving customers to purchase their own online shopping cart to save money.

The move follows a survey of Instacards from the firm, which found that only 25% of respondents said they were using the service to shop, compared to 47% of those who were shopping online.

Instacarts also had the highest sales-per-day of any grocery service, at $2.10, a result that could mean the company has a tough time maintaining the same kind of momentum.

InstaCard, the company that owns Instacast, is also in the midst of an expansion, and said last month that it would launch an Instacarcade for its own customers to make shopping simpler.

Instacent, which launched in the US in December, was also recently acquired by Snap, the popular video-sharing app owned by Facebook.

The companies also announced last month the launch of an InstaLink service for Instacasters, where they can shop for groceries without needing to shop online.

But the move by Instacords suggests that the company may be planning to focus on more retail products.

“We continue to be focused on building and expanding our portfolio of retail products,” said Instacord CEO Brian Gorman in a statement.

“As a result, we are exploring other opportunities to grow and invest.”

The news of the discontinuation comes as Instacons continued to struggle, with its online grocery sales dropping by more than $50 million in the first half of the year, to just over $1 billion, according to data from the company’s online platform.