‘Walking Dead’ Season 2: ‘It Was Always Going to Happen’ and ‘We’re Not Going Back’ review

EW has a brand-new EW review of season 2 of AMC’s “Walking Death” for The Hollywood Reporter.

The new issue includes the latest interview with the cast and crew, including Carrie-Anne Moss as Negan, who will have his own comic book.

Check out our full review of the season here.

Watch EW’s complete “WALKING DEAD” coverage, including reviews of the new episode and trailers, below:Walking Deaths are terrifying, but their presence in this world means nothing if you can’t kill them.

Negan is a former prison guard and the leader of a group of killers.

He’s a sociopathic maniac, and his obsession with the human soul is infectious.

But when the group’s leader, Abraham (Michael Peña), is infected with a lethal disease, he’s trapped and trapped in a world where he cannot kill.

A brutal and deadly finale sets the stage for a gripping final chapter that shows the toll the disease will take on both Negan and his fellow survivors.

As the season progresses, the survivors learn that their only way out is through bloodshed and death, and their only hope is to hunt down and slay the Walking Dead.

It’s an ambitious concept, but the writers have created a terrifying, violent and dark take on the zombie-slaying genre.

Negan has been around for decades.

But for the first time, he is the only survivor of the “Walkers” apocalypse, and he is not alone.

The survivors, who share a common bond of blood and hate, are the ones who will survive the walkers’ final push to avenge the death of Negan.

They must now contend with a terrifying world that is more dangerous than any of them ever imagined.

As we saw with the first season of “WAKES,” the world of “The Walking Dead” is very much alive.

We see a world full of people and ideas and characters who have lived in a very different time and place.

We’ve seen a world that has been ripped apart, rebuilt and rebuilt again, and now it’s ready for the “walkers” to take control.

That world is very different from the one Negan has experienced and he can’t seem to let go of that.

The Walking Dead: Season 2 will begin filming in Atlanta on January 14, 2019, and will premiere on AMC on January 24, 2019.

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