Google says it’s moving the official search results from Google News to its own survey tool

Google has announced a new tool to let users quickly and easily track their online habits.

The tool is called Survey Corps and it lets users easily and quickly see what the world is talking about and what topics they’re interested in.

Users can create an account on the new Google Survey Corps app, which lets users quickly create and share their personal surveys.

The app lets users create a survey from within the app, and they can also send surveys to other users in the app.

Users are able to create surveys for topics that interest them.

For example, the user can create a question about what they want to know about the weather, and then use Survey Corps to get an answer.

When users send surveys they can select a topic to start with and choose topics to track.

They can then create a video of their survey, then use the video to track the responses from the community.

Google has added the new survey tool to its official Survey Corps App.

Google is currently offering Survey Corps for free, and the app is available for both Android and iOS.

Google Survey Corps is the company’s answer to a recent trend where people started sharing their personal information online in a similar fashion to the way that they did with Google Glass.

However, this time around, Google is making the tools available to the public.

The tool is available on the App Store and Google Play.