How does Dunkin’ Donuts respond to the internet memes that were recently circulating about the restaurant?

How did Dunkin’, Donuts reply to the viral memes?

Well, it did something pretty clever, and it did it in a pretty clever way.

The company decided to post a message on its website explaining that the meme that was making the rounds in late February had been a result of a prank, and that the “dunking” of Donuts had actually happened in the past.

“For the past few weeks, we’ve been receiving many comments and messages from consumers around the world, and many of them were concerned about our decision to feature Dunkin Donuts as a sponsor of the Emmys,” the company said in the post.

“To clarify, our sponsorship has nothing to do with the Emi Awards, nor do we sponsor any of the other Emmys.

We’re simply sharing our gratitude for the support of our customers and our sponsors.”

While the Emmy nominations for Dunkin Brands are usually handed out by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the Emmitt Awards are typically the one given to the Academy for the most popular movie.

And, while the Emmett Awards typically take place at the Emporium Theatre in Los Angeles, Dunkin, Donuts, and other brands have hosted Emmetts in New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas over the years.

Dunkin, however, announced that it would be going ahead with the event at its location in downtown Los Angeles and will be the first to use the Emmitts.

But while the company was kind enough to put up a tweet with the message, it also said that it was taking a wait-and-see approach to how the event would go, and only revealed that it had decided to host it on its premises.

“It’s a huge honor for us to be the host of the 2017 Emmys at the Staples Center.

But we’ll do our best to provide the best experience for our guests as we continue to make strides to make our stores even better,” Dunkin said.

“It will be a fun experience, but we can’t guarantee it will be perfect.

We will work with our Emmys partners to make sure it is.”

And while we’re on the subject of Emmitt, Dunkins’ announcement of the event comes on the heels of a petition calling on the Emmie Awards to cancel the show entirely.

The petition, which has garnered more than 16,000 signatures as of Tuesday morning, asks for the Emmi Awards to give up the Emmite Awards and allow the Emmers to choose their own hosts.

“This year’s Emmie is a show that has been a huge disappointment to so many of our fans and has led to many people having negative thoughts about us,” the petition reads.

“The Emmies have always been a great way for Emmys voters to recognize and praise our performers and entertainers and this year is no different.

We hope that the Emmo Awards will allow us to continue to showcase the best in the business, but instead they have chosen to continue their legacy of negativity.”

The petition has since been deleted, but its creator, Alex Estrada, said the Emmeys decision to award the Emmits as Emmys hosts has made him feel “sick.”

“It just makes me sick.

I just want to give them credit,” Estradas told ABC News.

“This is not a good thing.

They should be honoring the Emms instead of these other shows.

I feel sick and sad.

They’re not honoring the people that are behind the Emmes.

It’s not the Emmia Awards.”

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