Google, Google+ and Mailchimp’s survey app survey app is here

Google is building a new service called Google Plus that will give advertisers a better way to engage with users in real-time.

The service is a collaboration between Google and MailChimp, a company that creates real-estate analytics software for brands.

Google will use Google Plus to offer real-world insights into where users are and what they’re interested in.

The feature is expected to launch in the coming weeks, according to Google, which is working on ways to make it easier for users to interact with the service in a more personal way.

Google Plus, which will also work with MailChamp’s Google Analytics, will allow advertisers to see how users are interacting with the app in real time, and to target those users with ads.

Users can opt-in to receive a daily email with relevant information about Google Plus, as well as get insights into the performance of their campaign, Google said.

Users will also be able to create custom posts and videos on the service.

Google says the new service will enable advertisers to target and interact with a wider range of audiences.

Users could also receive push notifications to help them keep track of where their users are, which would help them better understand what’s happening in their businesses.

Google said it would make the service available to advertisers in the U.S. and Canada.

MailChamp, which launched in July and currently has over 500,000 users, is already working on similar tools.

The company said it plans to expand the service to more countries in the near future.