How to read and talk to women on Twitter

The best way to know whether your interactions with women on the social network are respectful is to understand how they read and write, said Ms. Mody.

The Times, she said, can be a useful tool for people who are new to the platform but who are still looking for answers to questions about gender.

“The Twitter community is very diverse, and they don’t all necessarily share the same ideas about what it means to be a woman,” Ms. Kishore said.

“It’s not always about the way you dress or talk, but the way that you use language.”

Here are the ways that women use the platform to express themselves.

• Women on Twitter use a variety of social media platforms, including Facebook and LinkedIn, to share and share ideas.

Some, like Ms. Ting, are vocal, but others, like Mrs. Kojia, are quiet, said Kishor Srinivasan, the founder of the online magazine Girls in Tech, which provides information on female tech and engineering graduates.

Ms. Srinanas said many women use social media to connect with each other, to learn about careers and work experiences, and to connect emotionally with each person.

“There are many women on social media who are not interested in the conversation about the world, and want to engage in it,” she said.

• Many of the women who post on Twitter are young and often don’t have much experience in social media.

They use the platforms to share news, ask for advice, and ask for support from friends and family.

But it can be hard to gauge how their interactions are with other women on a wider scale, said Mr. Kajala.

“They are very open and welcoming, and often they don- t understand the language or how to engage,” he said.

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The “The best ways for a man to understand what it is like to be women” series is part of the Social Media: How To Be a Woman series, sponsored by the University of Southern California’s Center for Women in Science and Engineering.