The best new game of the year for 2017

The game is about as close to a real-time strategy game as you can get, with players controlling an army of six armies, each with its own strengths and weaknesses, each capable of taking a particular region’s resources and resources of different nations.

And while it’s not quite as well-designed as the likes of Overwatch, Battlefront II, or League of Legends, it’s one of the best of the bunch.

The biggest draw to The Best of 2017 is the level of detail the game puts into its map and UI design.

Each map is an incredibly detailed place, one of which is a massive, sprawling desert area that spans an entire continent.

In fact, the world itself is so detailed that you can even fly into it to look around.

You can even walk through its landscape to see the landscape itself, all of which looks like a real world map.

The UI also works well, with a clear and well-ordered flow of information and actions, and a lot of different choices that can affect the flow of the game’s combat.

But the game also does an excellent job of making each unit have distinct personalities and personalities.

For instance, in a recent battle, one unit was able to be a “heavy,” another a “light” and so on.

It makes sense, since it’s what they’re most good at doing, and the game wants players to understand that.

You can also choose which units are able to pick up new upgrades that can be used to better attack and defend against enemy units.

These upgrades can include new abilities, upgrades that increase the effectiveness of existing abilities, or new weapons, which you can use to take down specific units.

For a more in-depth look at The Best game, check out the video below.