“We’ll have to do this again” to get flu shot: Survey says CBS News readers aren’t ready for it anymore, survey says

CBS News survey results indicate that “we’ll have a new round of vaccine shortages and shortages” in the months ahead as the flu season continues to intensify.

The survey of more than 3,500 U.S. adults conducted for CBS News by Public Policy Polling and The American Academy of Pediatrics also indicates that Americans are “increasingly concerned” about flu shots and have grown more skeptical that vaccines are working.CBS News said its “Survey for the Common Sense About Vaccines” found that 62% of respondents were at least somewhat concerned about the flu shot and 68% of those said that “vaccines are not working well enough.”

That’s up from 61% in the last survey in February.

The poll also found that 68% said they would be less likely to get vaccinated if they could get the vaccine free.

That’s compared to 63% in February and 52% in May, CBS News said.

The Public Policy poll also showed that about half of respondents said they didn’t know if they would get vaccinated, and just 36% said that they would have a vaccine for their children.CBS said the survey of about 1,000 adults was conducted in early May and that the survey results are based on a random sample of more then 3,600 adults.

It did not include a question on whether or not they were vaccinated.CBS did not say how many respondents had had a flu shot in the past month.

A CBS News spokeswoman said the numbers were not representative of the general public because the survey is only conducted in person and that people were only asked about flu vaccine usage in recent months.

A national survey conducted by Public Health England in September found that fewer than 30% of adults said they had received a flu vaccine.CBS also said that about 6% of the respondents said that vaccines did not work as well as hoped for.