How to tell if your Kroger customer is a Kroger Customer Survey respondent

A customer survey from the online retailer is one of the best ways to learn more about its customer service and what people are like when shopping at Kroger stores, according to experts.

A Kroger spokesperson confirmed that the survey was taken from the Kroger store, but said the results are not final.

Kroger’s customer service team asked its online surveyors to identify themselves and their preferences for Kroger food.

The surveyors were asked to complete the survey on the company’s website.

Kobolden Kroger, a consumer relations company, created the survey, which the company said has been downloaded nearly 500,000 times.

Kroders customer service manager, Kristian Fuchs, said the survey also asked consumers how they felt about their purchases and whether they would buy from Kroger again.

Fuchs said the company has more than 2 million survey respondents.

The Kroger survey asked customers to identify which of the company the company was most proud of and the most important customer service issue, he said.

Krobes survey also explored Kroger’s commitment to employee engagement and training, he added.

Fuss said the Krogge’s survey is meant to serve as a way to understand customer service in an open and honest way.

Krogers customer satisfaction survey was released on March 6, according the company.

The company also released a survey about customer service on its website, which revealed that nearly 1.5 million Kroger customers answered the survey.

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