‘We are a bunch of idiots’: The HuffPost Pollster survey vs survey form

When it comes to the polls, it’s pretty clear that voters tend to vote with their gut. 

In a survey conducted last week, HuffPost Polls found that just under a third of Americans have an opinion on the polling industry, while more than half of respondents feel it has a positive or neutral effect on their decision making. 

“The pollster’s methodology is so biased,” a respondent told HuffPost Polling, “and the questions are so obvious and so biased, that you’d think the polling community would be more transparent.”

But there’s a difference between what people say and what they actually do in their polling decisions. 

Pollsters aren’t supposed to ask questions.

They are supposed to have people who know how to answer the questions, and those people are supposed not to change their answers based on the question. 

HuffPost Polling asked 1,003 respondents across the United States if they had heard or seen an official poll or questionnaire in the last week. 

Most (56%) of respondents said they have seen the official polling question, but more than four in ten said they had never seen it. 

The HuffPost Pollsters survey also asked respondents to rate their overall opinion of the polling media, and nearly a third (34%) said they would give the same answer to a pollster who asked them what they thought about the press if they were asked the same question again. 

As of today, HuffPost polls has surveyed more than 1 million Americans, with more than 50,000 people having taken the survey.