A new poll finds voters prefer the Liberals to the Conservatives

The latest Newspoll from Newspoll reveals a strong preference for the Liberals over the Conservatives.

More than eight in 10 voters (80 per cent) say they are more likely to vote for the Liberal Party than the Conservatives, while just one in three voters (31 per cent of voters) say the Liberals are more popular.

Only one in four voters say they prefer the Conservatives (20 per cent).

This poll comes after the Liberal party announced a $30 million ad campaign in support of its leadership, which will run across all of the major radio and TV networks across the country over the next two weeks.

The campaign is aimed at encouraging people to vote Liberal for the first time in 2019.

It comes after Liberal MP Tony McNamara resigned from Parliament after it emerged he had paid $1,400 to an Australian Labor Party staffer for an event in the middle of the night, at which time he allegedly told a staffer he had been paid to “stay up until 3am”.

McNamara had initially claimed he had mistakenly received the payment from a staffer in the party’s offices, but later admitted he had not been paid for the meeting.

“I apologise to all those who have had a difficult time believing me in the past,” he said in a statement at the time.

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